Is your kid a tech addict? 5 amazing ways to limit child’s gadget use

tech-addict-kidsThis article was first published on on July 15, 2017.

Parents must be alarmed as two separate incidents of kids were hospitalized and were found out that they had a seizure for using too much electronics.

It is inevitable that kids of the digital age enjoy tapping on their devices. With multitudes of apps to entertain them, it is hard to pry those gadgets away from the hands of our kids. However, the recent cases of children suffering seizures are quite alarming. Below are the five effective ways to curb your child’s use of electronics.

Tech-free time or day

Learn from Judy Ann Ann Santos who ensure that her kids have a tech-free day every week and they enjoy family activities outside like eating out or going to parks. Parents must make kids go offline at a certain time. Start small and simple by telling them to turn off their devices during meals or while doing their homework.

Lights out

Be strict on the time when kids are going to bed and an hour before that should be the time to turn off their electronics. Experts say that using electronics before bedtime affects our REM sleep because of the blue light devices emit. A night routine must replace the time spent scrolling their Facebook or Instagram. Encourage kids to read a book or write in a journal before going to sleep.

Engage them in other activities

Take children’s mind out of using their gadgets by allowing them to enjoy other activities. Sports are good activities for kids. Sports practice take time and help children develop their skills and teamwork.

Do things together

Sometimes, parents are to blame why kids are addicted to technology. It is easier to give our kids their phones or tablets and behave themselves in a corner because of our busy-ness. Thus, parents and their children must do and enjoy things together. Moreover, spending more time with your kids nurture your familial relationship.

Be an example

Kids learn from what they see. Parents must take a look at themselves if they are using their devices at every free time they can get. Let kids see that you enjoy other fun-filled activities.



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