Unboxing & Review: Braven Balance HD Bluetooth Speaker

It has been a while peeps! What’s up?

It is hot and humid here in Manila as it is SUMMER! I am bound to travel in the next couple of weeks and I went looking for a bluetooth speaker to bring on my trips. I have an X-Mini portable speaker that I got from Mac before but I want to freely use my phone or gadget without the wires getting in the way, hence the hunt!


Braven is a never-heard-before brand for me and I have trust issues with new brands. I was eyeing the Philips or Altec Lansing bluetooth speakers, but the sales dude in the store introduced this to me.




  1. Size & portability – Although it is quite bigger than other bluetooth speakers, it will still fit your backpack.
  2. 18 hours of playtime – Party never stops, dude!
  3. Doubles as powerbank – With 4,000mAh capacity, I can charge my phone while playing some tunes.
  4. Distance – Your device is detected/paired up to 30 feet.
  5. Wireless to wired – Tired of connecting via bluetooth? Switch to AUX.
  6. Perfect for bassy and EDM music
  7. IPX-7 rating – It is not waterproof but you will not have to worry of some moisture. Perfect device for pool parties or when it suddenly rains.


  1. Weight – it feels more than a kilo.
  2. 8 hours charging time – too long and no fast charging option!


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