Top 10 Useful Facebook Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Do you use Facebook everyday? I bet you do.fb2

Learn a few tricks of the trade and enjoy using your social media account more.

1. How to Change Facebook Theme

Are sick of the general blue-colored theme of Facbook? You can customize your Facebook theme and make it cooler. Choose from hundreds of styles and colours at Facebook Themes. If you are creative enough and make your own custom theme for your account, head over at fbskins.

2. How to Upload Photos in Facebook Using Your Email

Facebook has a post-by-email address feature that allows users to upload photos or videos from your phone without the need to login in your Facebook account. To enable this feature, make sure your mobile number is activated and verified. The post-by-email address is listed towards the bottom of your mobile information. Status updates or photos you send to this email address will be published directly onto your Facebook account.

3. Using emoticons/emoji

Learn to post/reply more than just a smiley.


4. How to Turn Off Chat for Some (Annoying) Friends

Ever got those “Please Like” requests from some of your friends? Turn off your chat to some of your friends through the advanced chat settings in your account. Select the friends you want to appear invisible to.

5. How to Know Who Unfriends You

Want to know who severed friendship ties with you in Facebook? Install unfriend alerts app and get notifications whenever any of your friends removes you from his/her friend list.

6. How to Disable “Seen” Feature in Chat

I was once confronted by a friend saying that I do not reply to his messages in Facebook and said that he saw that I have “seen” his PMs. It made me want to remove the feature and just let my stalkers die in wonder whether I have read or not their messages. If you want to do the same, install FB unseen extension to your chrome browser.

7. How to Schedule Status Updates

This is a cool Facebook trick for marketers and Facebook Pages moderators. Update Facebook even when you are away with Later Bro. This app allows you to post status updates on your desired time and schedule. You may also schedule status updates to daily, every other day, weekly, monthly, yearly etc.

8. How to Login Multiple Accounts

Log in to your personal and stalker Facebook accounts using your Google Chrome browser. Open the browser and log in one of your accounts then click the settings tab and add a new user to chrome browser. It will open a new chrome window where you can login to other Facebook account.

9. How to Enable Live Stream

Sharing live stream videos with your friends in Facebook is now possible with the aid of UStream.

10. How to Send Large Files (1GB) on Facebook

Send a big chunk of files from to your friend via Facebook using Pipe app. You can drop a file up to 1GB in the Pipe when it is green (this indicates that your friend has the Pipe app open at the same time). The file is then transferred directly from your computer to your friend’s computer without being stored on any kind of server. In case your friend is not online, the Pipe is blue and you can send them a file up to 100MB. The file then gets stored securely in a Locker for up to 3 days – and only your friend has access to it.

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