6 Tech Gadgets Every Online Writer Should Have

Online writers need the best tools in order to work and survive the World Wide Web.

Gone are the days when all you need is a pen and a piece of paper and just let your creativity flows. The inception of new technology allowed writers to share more of their work. This is evident in the form of blogs, domains and social media.

Online writers are steadily growing in numbers. This is in line with the popularity of outsourcing writing jobs to other countries. In return, online writers also get a steady stream of work to do.

I am an online writer for more than five years. I think I have done every possible writing gig on web – from writing theses and dissertations to writing porn (I wish I was kidding, but no).

Without the right tools or gadgets, you may not land on your dream (writing) job. Thus, I made this list based from experience.



My desktop computer is my best friend. I probably spend more time with it than with my ex-husband. Every online writer must invest in a good desktop computer. I encountered employers who will require you to install certain software in your PC. Thus, you need a PC that is latest and offer fast processing. The PC must not crash or hang up even if you open a million tabs in your browser.


HP Pavilion M4-1004TX Core i7/Villman

HP Pavilion M4-1004TX Core i7/Villman

Some online writers are on-the-go and may need to bring their work or projects with them. Thus, you need a laptop that you can easily tag along on your trips. It is important that your laptop is durable and has long battery life. Also, make sure to bring a pocket-wifi with you.

DSLR Cameradslr

Seasoned writers know the value of inspiration they see every day. Sometimes, a writer can make a thousand-word prose based from a single photo of a beautiful sunset. Thus, always bringing a camera with you is a must. It does not have to be a DSLR but if you aspire to be a professional blogger then why not learn photography to embed photos in your personal space online.



A voice recorder, to be exact. This gadget is a must during interviews so you will not miss any detail or any quote good for your article. (I really have the one on the image).


Noise Cancelling Headphones

Personally, there are times that in order to concentrate on my writing, I detach myself from reality and just focus on my work. A headphone that can block my son’s tantrums is probably the greatest invention ever. Also, who can resist the joy of being lost in the world of poems turned into songs?


External Hard Driveexternal hard drive

Nothing is more heart breaking than losing all your files because your PC or laptop crashed. It happened to me many times and I was praying for a time machine every time. Sometimes, I accidentally pressed SHFT+DEL and everything was gone. To prevent this from happening, you need a reliable back that can hold your every file. A cloud storage is cool, too. But what if there is no internet?


As a writer, I am inspired by others. Actually, I do not fancy tablets or any mobile device but I thought it will be fun to have your favourite books with you all the time, stored in a device that you can bring anywhere


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