Top 10 Appliances/Devices Every Mom Needs

Having a baby is the most wonderful gift for a woman.

Expectant mothers try to prepare everything before the baby arrives. Clothes, crib, feeding bottles, diapers, formula, etc.

dian daniel

Mommy Dian and Daniel. circa 2010.

You think you have everything ready when the little angel comes? Cross-check with the list below to make sure you have everything (you will surely thank me later).

1. Two Burner Stove

When you were single and living alone, the usefulness of a two burner stove never crossed your mind. Well, they always say that two is better than one. Yes, I agree. You will get all the cooking done in half the time if you have two stoves burning. For example, you can cook dinner for your spouse and yourself while making baby food.

Time Saving Tip: Sometimes, I make baby food at dawn before the baby wakes up so I can concentrate on the process as well as avoid the risk involved in holding a baby over a hot pot.

2. Rice Cooker

Asians cannot live without rice. Rice is a very important part in your diet being a mom as it is one of your sources of energy in order to take care of your baby. Now is the time that you need to invest in a rice cooker, a kitchen appliance that will cook your rice on its own once you turned it on. You will be worry-free and you do not have to get up from breastfeeding just to check the “sinaing”.

Time Saving Tip: Most rice cookers come with a steamer. You can cook some simple dishes like steamed fish (make sure to wrap the fish with foil so the juice will not get mixed with the rice) and siomai while cooking rice that will save you some of your precious time.

3. Food Processor/Blender

I always recommend that mothers should make their own baby food as it is more nutritious than store-bought products. Boil some potatoes, carrots, squash and other vegetables then pureed it using a food processor or blender. Personally, I prefer a blender over a food processor. Once your children grow, you can still use the blender to make smoothies or blended drinks every summer.

Time Saving Tip: Make baby food for 2-3 days and put them in jars and store them in the chiller so you don’t have to make baby food all the time. Also, it will become handy when your baby suddenly gets hungry or when you are too busy to cook.

4. Refrigerator

Once you make your own baby food, put them in jars and store them in the chiller. This will preserve the freshness and taste of the baby food. Also, having kids means leftovers. A fridge is more than a necessity.

Time Saving Tip: Aside from baby food, you can also freeze dinners that you can just heat up later.

5. Microwave

Heat things up in a breeze with this machine. Yes, we all know the wonders of this greatest invention ever.

Time Saving Tip: For mothers of grade schoolers, prepare the breakfast the night before and heat it up in the morning to give you more time in bed in the morning.

6. Washing Machine with Dryer

Having a baby also means you need to wash tons of garments each day. Yes, EVERYDAY. A washing machine is a lifesaver.

Time Saving Tip: Most mothers find it convenient doing the laundry at dawn before the baby wakes up. By lunchtime, everything is dried up and once the baby is taking his or her nap, you can put everything away. After all this, you will feel that you have accomplished a major thing.

7. TV and DVD Player

Let’s admit it. Mothers do not get the help of babysitters all the time. Most of the time, they are alone with the baby. Sometimes, popping the Sesame Street will give you some ample time to clean and pick up the toys, make a phone call, check your email or Facebook. It is a must to invest on kid-friendly and educational DVDs to entertain your kids.

Time Saving Tip: The best time to let your kids watch TV is during siesta after you feed them. The TV can lull them to sleep and you can buy more time for yourself.

8. Tablet/Smartphone

We are in the digital age and we might as well reap all of its benefits. Download apps that can help you in raising your kid well like WebMD Baby and Best Baby Monitor. Also, if you have questions and have no one to ask, you can always turn to Google with just a tap.

9. Wristwatch

Having a baby is all about time management and to make sure everything is on time. I advise that you buy the wristwatch with an alarm (which is very useful for me until now). You can set the alarm to remind you of the things you need to do like feeding times.

10. Hair Dryer

Sadly, having a baby does not excuse women for having a bad hair day. For mothers, our babies always come first. Thus, we have less time for ourselves. There are some mothers who defy outdoors after giving birth because they feel less beautiful. To avoid those dreaded “losyang” moments, sometimes all you need is a quick blow dry and a touch of lip gloss.

dian daniel2

Mommy Dian and Daniel. Circa 2012.

Now, make sure to get everything before the water breaks. 😉


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