5 Occasions When No Technology Is Better

no technology

Our lives are almost governed by technology. Let’s be real. Technology makes our lives better and easier.

With the unprecedented influx of different devices, tasks are completed with just a click (or a tap). It is amazing how people can work, play, shop, pay and many other things without getting their ass off a chair with just a mobile device in hand. I hailed how technology changed the way we live.

I am not being sarcastic. Thanks to modern devices, parenting for me is a breeze. I never knew that timer and alarm clock can be so useful. Also, we have seen hybrid devices. We saw the evolution of a cellphone from being a portable telephone to a handset with camera, radio, clock, TV. I wish they could put a fridge in there.

However, there are times that no technology can do a mere task and people just have to do it like the old times. Curious? Below are the five instances when I think that doing it the old fashioned way is simply the best way to do it.

Taking Down Notes

Before you bombard me with different apps that I can use in this case, hear me out. Well, I have a system. Everyone does. I think I was using a journal as long as I can remember. Moreover, I love to take down notes of everything. Instructions, quotes, jokes I heard, phone number of that hot guy sitting over there. My system can be digitized unless I make the app myself. The problem is, I can’t. Thus, I resort to my handy-dandy notebook.

I always bring the notebook and pen with me. Everywhere. Even in the bathroom. You can never tell when a good idea will come up. Anyway, I still find it easier, faster, and more organize if I jot down words than type it. Also, I find it less rude during meetings.

Romantic Date

I find no romance when two people are together over dinner via Skype. Believe it or not, yes, some people do this stuff. Those who are apart or those who are in a long distance relationship. I can never say “I had fun” afterwards.

Attending a Funeral

When my uncle died last year, some of our relatives in Canada were unable to come home to pay their respects. They called (again) through Skype to somehow “be with us”.  There was one time when my cousin called and my aunt held the laptop over the casket so my cousin can see my dead uncle and they were both crying or mourning. I tried not to laugh but I find it very funny. It looks different when you are both there – physically, and console each other.

I know people mean well when they do that; but, you may see it differently, if you are an outsider. In the end, I went to the bathroom and burst into giggles. For the record, I really love my uncle.


Saying “I’m Sorry” just have to be face-to-face. It has to be interpersonal. Because I think that apologizing is more than saying the words, it has to be sincere and honest. Sending a text or an email will not cut it no matter how many emoticons you put in there.

Same goes for saying “Thank You” and “I Love You”.

Reading a Book

Readers like you will understand that you will never experience that satisfying feeling of closing a book with a Kindle. I simply enjoy seeing rows of books in a shelf. The pdf version never gives off that feeling.

Just when we thought that we cannot live without our devices. Think of these moments that technology will not work and share the same experiences at the comments section below.


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