Three Challenges I Am Taking On This Year

Disclaimer: Just a quick commercial from my usual tech stories.

Yes, I am taking on three challenges this year.

As the New Year unfolds, the internet is swamped with tips on how to make this year “THE BEST YEAR EVER”. There are tips in making your New Year’s resolution here and there. There is also a list of the things you should change in your life in 2014. I just read an article from Buzzfeed that a woman ate nothing but food from Starbucks for a year. This is no different from the “Supersize Me” documentary.

As I am taking my time to read all of these articles, I am inspired by some and I challenged myself to do those. Why? My answer is, why not? Here are the fun challenges I aim to succeed.

1. One Year Saving Challenge

I plan to get rich by the end of the year. Every year, part of my New Year’s resolution is to SAVE and every year I fail. I think many people are guilty of this. The One Year Saving challenge is inspired by the 52-Weeks Saving Challenge that I slightly tweak to make it feasible for myself.

So, this is how it works. I will save each week. On Week 1, I will put away 10 pesos. On Week 2, I will save 20 pesos. On Week 3, I will save 30 pesos, and so on. Sounds easy right? By the end of the year, I expect to be over 13,000 pesos richer.  With this money, I can invest it to mutual funds, or travel somewhere.

2. #365grateful

Another challenge that I will do is #365grateful. This is inspired by the book of Hailey Bartholomew where she took photos of everything she was grateful for each day to deal with her depression. She said in a documentary that she tends to overlook things (blessings) because of her loneliness.

The secret to happiness is reflection and gratitude. Take time to think through your day and find something you are genuinely grateful for, she said.

You can also do this challenge. Everyone loves to take pictures, right? Why not take a photo of something you are thankful for.

3. One-blog-a-day-keeps-the-bad-vibes-away

Being a writer is the best gift. But, I want to improve my craft and there is no other way to do it but to write more.  Aside from writing my news stories restrained by my facts, style and editor’s notes, I want to write what I really want to write. So, I devise this challenge to put my thoughts into writing by the end of the day. It can be a prose, a poem, a feature, or whatever format I feel like writing at a particular day. The important thing in this challenge is that I write everyday.

IMG_1439Now, who’s with me?

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