What 2014 Holds for My Own Tech World?

htc one 2

First, I would like to apologize to the readers for being unable to update this blog for quite some time (94 days, to be exact). I will not go into details. Let’s just say that I took a vacation and leave it like that. Now, I am doing this obligatory post for the New Year.

Part of my New Year’s Resolution is to diligently update this blog. Every day, if I can, I want to fill it with exciting details of the new devices coming up as well as the gadgets that I love.

A lot of good things happened in the tech world in 2013. Great devices were released last year. Actually, I am getting myself an iPad Mini with Retina display and the PlayStation 4 as soon as possible. Two of the greatest devices that saw the light of the day, I think.

However, I am pretty excited myself this New Year. Promising gadgets are always something to look forward to. Believe or not, I am looking forward to the successor of HTC One. HTC One was awarded as smartphone of the year in 2013 and it is exciting to know what HTC has in store for its fans.

Also, I am still not losing hope with Google Nexus 10 2. I am following every rumour and leak (true or fake) to get clues whether this metal slab will be coming soon. So far, Google remained tight lipped about its plans. Although I am planning to buy the new iPad Mini, I am also looking for a 10-inch tablet.

Meanwhile, I am planning to build an office space where I can do my work properly. Thus, I am also on the lookout for new desktops this year. The recently released Mac Pro has blown me away but it is too expensive for me. Moreover, I can work with a mediocre machine. But of course, who doesn’t want a helluva piece of tech artillery?

How about you? What gadgets are you waiting for this year? Let us know in the comments section.



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