Latest iPhone 6 Concept Borrows iPad’s Design

iphone 6 concept

A new render of the rumoured iPhone 6 emerged online yesterday that showed off a 5-inch screen display with iPad’s design.

Amidst the sale of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, iPhone 6 rumours started to make the rounds.  This new iPhone 6 concept image was picked up from DeviantArt by user iNasko and it resembles the original iPad. The concept also features a 5-inch screen display that could be possible.

“For a long time I have been thinking how the next iPhone could be different from the 5, so people won’t be complaining, and then I figured that the iPad (2010) offered a great design, which would also fit a phone. So, taking heavy inspiration from the first iPad, this is a concept for an iPhone with a bigger 5″ screen,” posted by the creator of the iPhone 6 concept.

However, the concept is missing the new fingerprint reader embedded in the home button that arrived in the new iPhone 5S. It is predicted that iPhone 6 will run with the new and controversial iOS 7.



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