3 Reasons Why We Bought the 32-inch R407A Sony BRAVIA TV


I definitely love my new 32-inch R407A Sony BRAVIA TV and I want to share the three reasons why I bought one.

My mom asked me for money the other day because she wanted to have her own TV fixed. I knew that her TV will not last for a long time from the first time I saw it. She bought it from a neighbour who was moving out then at a way cheaper price.

I told her not to bother fixing it. She said that she does not have a TV and it will be boring during the day. I told her that she can have my old TV set and I will just buy a new one. That day, my family and I went to the mall to see what kind of TV to buy.

My husband and I have been talking about Smart TVs for the longest time. We think that since we have an internet connection, we might as well get a TV where we can watch videos, movies from the Web. I thought it could save us a few bucks from buying DVDs or going to movie dates.

However, with an internet connection of below 5 mbps, we will not be able to fully maximize the perks of that kind of TV. Moreover, the price went over our budget.

We have no choice but to go back to square one. We tried to look for LED TVs and set our budget at 15,000 pesos. We went over to Sony section in an appliance store – Anson’s. I immediately fell in love with the 32-inch R407A Sony BRAVIA TV. I asked how much. They initially said that it costs P17,000 but if we will pay in cash, they can offer it to P15,000. I thought, ‘great’.

The salesperson said that Sony is offering a promo to exhaust the stocks. This is probably due to two main reasons; one, Sony will release a new series or line of TV sets or Sony will discontinue the production of that particular series.

Nevertheless, I don’t care, it’s a Bravia. One thing I like about Sony is the quality of its devices and they live up to its brand name. We have experiences before that Sony TV sets tend to last for up to 10 years. Moreover, we were planning to buy the Sony PlayStation 3 or 4 later this year.

Then I went over the specs and features of the TV and I was delighted. All brands promises clearer and crisper pictures but very few delivers. It has Dolby Digital sound paired with Digital Noise reduction. 32-inch R407A Sony BRAVIA TV has a USB port that supports its plug-and-play feature as well as supports HDMI that allow users to play HD videos and movies.  You can see full specs here.

As I was negotiating with the salesperson, he said that the 32-inch R407A Sony BRAVIA TV has two years warranty and told me to just drop by at any Sony service centre. Then I asked him if he can still lower the price. He thought about it and offered it to me for 14,800 pesos.

I told him to pack it up.

2 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why We Bought the 32-inch R407A Sony BRAVIA TV

  1. All year I was planning to buy a new Sony 32 inch TV like this this December. But now I’m thinking I should wait for the new models to come out since this model don’t have a built-in digital tuner. Sadly, none of the current (2013) models are DTV ready except Devant brand. It’s bothersome to buy a converter box and use its cheap remote control when the tv channels in the Philippines turn digital by 2015. Though we have cable tv, it’s nice to have that DTV ready feature somehow. And when those new models come out, I’m sure the analog tv set prices will go down big time regardless of the brand. All in all, I’m disappointed not to have a new tv this Christmas.

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