The Pros and Cons of Buying iPhone 5S

The long wait is finally over!iphone 5s


Tech giant Apple unveiled the next generation of iPhones last September 10 at a press event in California.

Apple formally introduced its new babies, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, to the market and once again leaved many consumers in awe.

To avoid confusion, let me explain to you that the iPhone 5S is the new full-fledged iPhone and the iPhone 5C is “cheaper” version of iPhone replacing the iPhone 5. Yes, Apple fans bid goodbye to the one year old iPhone 5 as the company pulled it out from the Apple Store.

iPhone 5S now took the $199 slot and boasts some of the iPhone 5 specs and features. It also packs the new and first-in-smartphone 64-bit A7 processing chip, M7 motion-sensoring chip as well as the fingerprint sensor on the home button. The handset is available in black, silver and gold colour variants

iPhone 5S costs $199 for 16GB, $299 for 32GB and $399 for 64GB with the usual two-year contract with your chosen carriers.

Are you one of those consumers mulling over whether they will buy the new iPhone 5S. Read below the pros and cons of buying the new iPhone 5S.


iPhone 5S is Faster – There is no doubt that iPhone 5S is definitely faster compared to its predecessor and the low cost iPhone 5C. As mentioned above, iPhone 5S packs the 64-bit chip processor and it is the first smartphone to do so. Moreover, it included a separate chip for graphics so the processors works double time.

iPhone 5S is More Secured – iPhone 5S features a biometrics scanner in the home button which adds security to your files in the unlikely event that your phone gets stolen.

More Color Options – In the past years, Apple released its smartphones in two colors – Black and White. Now, the company decided to release the new iPhone in black, silver and gold hues that gives users more options. The iPhone 5C is also available in various candy-like and fun colors.


No NFC – To the dismay of many fans, Apple still left out Near Field Communication in the features of the new iPhones. Most Android-based smartphones offer this feature in transferring files as well as making wireless payment, although the latter is not much explored.

iPhone 5S Retains Most iPhone 5’s Features – Although the iPhone 5S packs new features like faster processor, it is quite a disappointment to see most of the specs and features of the previous iPhone 5 in the smartphone. If you are one of the users who feels ok with the speed of iPhone 5, you may not need the iPhone 5S.

Small screen display – iPhone 5S packs the same, old 4-inch screen display that some consumers find too small compared to other Android-based smartphones in the market. At least 5-inch display seemed to be the latest trend on screen size today, especially after Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note 3 with massive screen display.

Fingerprint Scanner is faulty – One of the most intriguing features of the new iPhone 5S is the fingerprint sensor. However, the new feature has some pitfalls. For example, it does not work when you are wearing gloves, which is a simple problem that most medical practitioners may face when checking their phones.


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